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Real Irish Whiskey

Real Irish embodies all the elements that make Irish whiskey so accessible and so attractive.

It doesn't have any hard edges. It's smooth but intense, full of character, revealing layers of taste on the palate. It's a fine sipping whiskey but has a concentration of flavour that makes it a significant building block for adventurous mixologists. A whiskey sour made with Real Irish is every bit as much as a Real Irish experience as having it neat or simply over ice.

Real Irish Whiskey

Soft drinks

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ROKiT Natural Spring

ROKiT Natural Spring

Rok natural spring – the highest quality natural spring water contained in a revolutionary and fully patented disposable and biodegradable plastic bottle.

People like to consume natural spring water but are increasingly aware of the adverse environmental impact of non-degradable plastic bottles. With a highly sustainable natural spring water supply and a unique 'droplet-shaped' bio degradeable bottle ROKiT Water represents the environmentally-friendly solution for the bottled water market.

ROKiT Natural Energy

Not just another energy drink.

100% Natural energy-giving drink with added botanical ingredients ROKiT Natural Energy was created as a product to appeal to those who have never drunk an energy drink before – as well as those who have out-grown the concept of energy drinks. Made from 100% natural ingredients, ROKiT Natural Energy is designed for the more mature pallet, ROKiT Natural Energy is positioned as 'The Intelligent Alternative' to chemically-enhanced energy drinks.

ROKiT Natural Energy