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ROKiT Iskabar Water

ROKiT Iskabar Water

Our Scottish mineral water, source of life for 8000 years, will be delivered to you in 100% plant based bottles.

iskabar is the story of wanting to make people feel right. For more than 8000 years, close to the River Tay in Scotland, our beautifully flowing spring has been a true source of life to countless people. We chose to name this spring iskabar, the phonetic translation of the Gaelic 'uisce beatha' which means 'water of life'. We decided to bring this mineral water available to people to enjoy, but to do it in a better way. The way that feels right, instead of just making people feel good. From our carbon-neutral production process to our 100% plant-based bottles and the social & ecological projects we support, we’re proud to be providing a responsible water to all. Welcome to iskabar, water of life.

ROKiT Natural Energy

Not just another energy drink.

100% Natural energy-giving drink with added botanical ingredients ROKiT Natural Energy was created as a product to appeal to those who have never drunk an energy drink before – as well as those who have out-grown the concept of energy drinks. Made from 100% natural ingredients, ROKiT Natural Energy is designed for the more mature pallet, ROKiT Natural Energy is positioned as 'The Intelligent Alternative' to chemically-enhanced energy drinks.

ROKiT Natural Energy